Which are the best Keyword Tools?

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It’s very important to know what keywords you can use in the online world if you want the utmost success and great results. But that means you need to assess what Keyword Tools work for you and how you can get the utmost value and quality. Knowing that will just give you the best results and approach, and in the end, it will just make the process a lot easier.

Google Trends

Trends is a very good tool from Google because you get to see what people are looking for at this time. That means you can identify the right keywords, and it will be easy to integrate them into your own content for the best outcome. You just need to commit to the process and make it work, as that’s what will help your business grow and expand in the long run.

SEO Book

SEO book is designed with the idea of helping you find the right monthly traffic for any keyword. That’s interesting because it makes it easier to assess the situation and once you do that, you can include those keywords that have a lot of traffic. The app is linked to AdWords, which makes it easier to find high-performing keywords. Ideally, you want to study keywords that offer you a very good return on investment.

Keyword Spy

The name says it all, this is a tool designed with the idea of helping you study competitors. You get to spy on them, see the keywords they are using and that will help you better understand their approach. You can also learn from them and see the keywords that they are using, which is very helpful.

Google AutoComplete

AutoComplete shows the questions and keywords people are using online. You can study to see the type of keywords you should use. It’s a system that works flawlessly, and in the end, it will provide great results for everyone. It’s a very good option to take into consideration, especially if you want to find keywords without spending any money.


Virante’s focus is to help you find adjacent keywords related to the one you are looking for. It’s a very nifty tool especially if you want to find blog title ideas. In case you have a brain freeze or you don’t really know the type of blog content that you may be able to write, Virante can really assist you here.


As a whole, there are a lot of great Keyword Tools you can use. These are some of the top ones and they will impress with their efficiency and quality. It’s important to have a dependable keyword tool, and with its help, you will be able to reach new clients and customers in the long term. Give it a try for yourself and you will be incredibly happy with the process. Make sure that you test these out and see which one suits your needs the most. This way you will have no problem getting the best return on investment, as you connect with new customers all the time!