Vs LexReception – Which is the Best Virtual Receptionist Service for Your Law Firm? Vs LexReception – Which is the Best Virtual Receptionist Service for Your Law Firm 1
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A virtual receptionist is responsible for executing a range of tasks. Their main service includes answering live calls. Communication can make a big difference in your brand image. You need a receptionist that is capable of answering multiple calls and resolving clients’ queries effortlessly. If you want to add a touch of professionalism to your legal services offerings, you need to use a professional and experienced virtual receptionist provider.

First things first, a virtual receptionist is intended to perform the same tasks as an in-house receptionist. They answer calls, talk to your customer on behalf of your company, listen to their requirements, and fix their issues.

Now, considering the importance of a virtual receptionist, it goes without saying that your business needs a trained and a qualified team that can handle multiple calls seamlessly.

The answering services you choose can impact your relationship with your customers and prospects. In this post, we are going to compare two of the best virtual receptionists i.e., and LexReception, to help you make the best choice. Before we get to the comparison part, let’s have a look at the meaning of each virtual receptionist in brief.

Founded in 2015, is a virtual reception company that is known for having answered more than 1 million calls. The agency is considered as the most sought-after choice for lawyers, contractors, agencies, consultants, and other businesses.

They can answer calls, reply to text and social media messages, book appointments, and offer round the clock website chat service. The team filters out the uninterested audience and bring qualified leads. Their main motive is to grow your traffic and generate qualified leads.

With respect to a law firm, solutions can help the receptionists in freeing the overall time spent on the phone. This helps in maximizing the overall productivity as well as billable hours. Your law firm may not even need an in-person receptionist if you use



LexReception is another virtual reception agency. They have access to the best team that takes calls 24/7. The company aims to help businesses grow while they handle all types of customer calling and messaging requirements. They guarantee personalized services.

They save you the time and hassle of answering multiple calls and replying to all the text messages on your own. No need to get tied to the office. LexReception can manage multiple calls in a seamless way. LexReception serves to be your 24/7 reception center for the overall ease of managing your law firm’s reception.

Right from ensuring lead conversion to client retention, stellar performance stats, handling legal receptionists, and intake specialists –LexReception is capable of handling it all.

Trial and Setup Fees offers a 14 day free trial period, which allows users to check their answering services. Basically, it is like a demo that gives you a clear picture of how the team handles calls and answers customers.

If you like their services, you can choose a paid plan and hire them as your virtual reception agency. If you are not satisfied with the free trial, you can cancel the plan when the free trial ends.

One important thing to note is that the company only offers a free trial for 20 calls. This means they will answer only 20 calls or offer 14 days answering service (whichever happens first). There is no contract or agreement form. The company offers a flexible service. Moreover, you do not have to pay the setup or cancellation fees.


The setup is free, however, LexReception does not offer a free trial. You may want to try the answering services before hiring the agency. The free trial period helps you determine the potential of the company and how they can handle customer calls. So, LexReception is not an ideal option if you want to try the services before making a purchase.

Monthly Plans

Each virtual answering agency offers a different monthly package, which mainly depends on the total number of calls your company receives every month.

Custom plans are available and each client gets a 15% discount if they purchase a one-year paid service with code LEGALVERB. As mentioned before, there is no monthly plan. The fees charges depend on the total calls you receive.

  • They charge a flat fee of $140 for answering 20 calls along with 1 live transfer number.
  • For 50 calls and 2 transfer numbers, the company charges $300.
  • For 120 calls along with 5 transfer numbers, the price is $600.


LexReception charges according to the call duration. The longer the call lasts, the more you will pay to the virtual receptionist. Usually, a call lasts for 5 minutes. But, if it lasts longer, then LexReception services can prove costly to your business.

  • For a call that lasts 75 minutes, you pay $99.
  • For 175 minutes call, the price increases to $199.
  • For 350 minutes call, you pay $349.

LexReception offers only 1-2 voicemails, while allows after-hours voicemail. So, the latter is the better option.


Both and LexReception offers live call transfers, custom scripts, appointment scheduling. Now, the additional features each agency offers are:

  • Personalized services
  • Integrates your CRM with HubSpot and other third-party solutions
  • Integrates calendar and bills
  • Custom greetings
  • Regular call reports
  • Payment collection
  • Do not charge for spam calls
  • Services available in English and Spanish
  • Generate qualified leads


  • Round the clock virtual receptionists available
  • Online access to texts
  • Call-backs services
  • Calls that last only 30 seconds or lesser than this time are free

LexReception offers 24/7 services, however, their package does not include outbound calling and CRM integration. offers a range of additional services. Unless you are in family law or other such practice areas that receive urgent calls, the 24/7 services hardly make an impact. Most of your clients call during daytime hours.

Which Virtual Answering Service is Best for My Law Firm? and LexReception are qualified and professional virtual reception agencies. Their services match to a certain extent, but is more reliable and highly professional. The best feature of is CRM integration. They can extract the buying history and other client’s information and add it to the customer management software.

If you’d like, use code LEGALVERB to sign up for and claim the following exclusive benefits:

  • Free Trial (20 calls, 20 chats for up to 14 days)
  • $100 off your first month of paid service
  • 15% discount if you purchase annual plans
  • 5% discount on buying annual chats and calls services
  • An AI-chatbot worth $150 for FREE